1. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Students must come to school in clean and neat dress. Uniform is compulsory and should be strictly in accordance with the pattern prescribed by the school.

2. All must come to school on time. Late comers will have to get written permission from the Principal.

3. At the warning bell, students should proceed to where it summons them. At the second bell, they should keep silent. Perfect silence and order should be maintained by the pupils while going out for the assembly and returning to class.

4. Prayer is an invocation to God for His blessings. So, children are supposed to be quiet and keep the holiness of prayer time.

5. All the students should greet teachers, elders and one another especially when they are on the school campus.

6. This is an English-Medium School. You are therefore expected to speak English in the school bus, the school premises, and in the public places.

7. Students must bring their handbook daily, which should be produced when demanded by the Principal or any teacher.

8 .Students must be dutiful towards elders. They have to cultivate loyalty and devotion to home, school and the country.

9. Full participation of a student is a must in all the school programmes.

10. Children must wear their ID cards every day.

11. Students should feel it below their dignity to shout or quarrel, wander about, disturb the peace of others, use filthy language and the like.

12. Children are not supposed to loiter on the verandahs during class hours. Whenever they have to move to the library, Labs etc., they should do so in an orderly manner, not disturbing the neighboring class. They should maintain a queue to keep order.

13. Pupils of one class are not allowed to enter other classrooms.

14. Mass entrance of the students into the staff room for the revaluation of the answer sheets or any other purpose is not encouraged. Class leaders are the ones who are permitted to meet teachers in the staff room for the need of their class.

15. Once on the school premises, students are not allowed to leave the school campus and purchase anything from the shops outside. Each student should bring a napkin towel along with the lunch box.

16. Students should develop healthy habits of mind and body by constant self-discipline.

17. They are prohibited from doing any money transaction among themselves while at school.

18. Heavy ornaments and Jewellery are not allowed students can wear small studs with their uniform. Anklets and bracelets are not permitted.

19. Students are forbidden to bring mobile phones, video game sets, fancy articles, toys and CDs from outside, to the school. They can carry educational and relevant CDs, but only with prior permission from the teacher concerned.

20. Use of pendrive, Portable MP3 player, earphones and digital camera are also strictly prohibited in the class and on the campus. Stem disciplinary action will be taken if found guilty.

21. No student is excused from Physical Education unless he / she produces a genuine reason.

22. Birthdays are for celebrations. Do not bring cakes or other costly sweets to school. Celebrate it differently by doing a good deed.

23. No books other than textbooks and notebooks should be brought to school

24. Students and Parents are not permitted to entertain teachers with gifts.

25. Students shall not bring any eatables other than regular meals.

26. All children should use only ink pens for their written work regarding studies.

27. Look after your possessions. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any of your belongings.

28. Lost and found articles and money should immediately be handed over to the office. The owner of lost article should report the matter to the office at the earliest. Parents of such children are requested to recover the lost article from the school office.

29. The classrooms, the school building and premises should be kept clean and tidy. Any damage caused to properties of school will have to be made good. Students should not write on the walls, benches and desks. The damage caused accidentally, should be reported to the school authorities.

30. Students should not come to school in motorbike / scooter. If caught red handed, strong and prompt disciplinary action will be taken against them.

31. When the school disperses children are required to leave the classroom by forming a queue with the permission of the teachers.