Standard Age Limit Date of Admission. Standard Age Limit Date of Admission
1 Play School (Pre School) 2[1/2] – 3[1/2] Years
2 LKG 3[1/2] – 4[1/2] Years January Istonwards
3 UKG 4[1/2] – 5[1/2] Years January Ist onwards
4 1st STD 6 Years before June January Ist onwards

Application for admission to LKG should be made in the prescribed form before the end of February each year. Admission to other classes will be on the merit and suitability, and after entrance examination.


1. The school is open to all students irrespective of caste and creed.

2. They are accepted as they are, and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious tradition.

3. Students seeking new admission have to produce their Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.

4. New students are admitted to the Play School, LKG, UKG, and standard I to VIII.

5. Pupils seeking new admission to the above mentioned classes for any academic year should have their names registered before the end of January 31st.

6. New admissions are made on the basis of the students’ performance in the school they studies last and also on the basis of their performance in the entrance test.

7. Admissions to other classes could be given according to the availability of seats based on the entrance test on the second Saturday of February.

8. Based on the result of the entrance test, admissions will begin in the month of February itself.

9. The student who requires TC from the school should complete the formal procedures for getting TC which should be approved by the Principal.


Kids from the age of two and half years are admitted to play school.


Our Nursery Section is mainly a play school which provides the children with various games and playful activities which would develop their intellectual capacities. Without  the entrance exam parents can take admission .


Parents whose children have completed their UKG in this school should submit fresh application for their children to be admitted to Std.I .The application must be submitted strictly within the prescribed Date.


  1.  Candidates who seek admission in this school from Std. I to VIII must register their names at the school office from January onwards of the current academic year, preferably before March.
  2.  Entrance examination will be conducted and admission will be given on merit basis.
  3.  There will be a two hours paper consisting of all subjects including General Knowledge.
  4.  The result will be published within two days.
  5.  A selected student should come along with the parents to take admission.
  6.  A true copy of the Mark Sheet, Birth certificate copy, Transfer Certificate and two photographs should be brought along.
  7.  No provisional Admission will be given.
  8.  The fees to be remitted at the time of admission must be paid without fail.


  1. Prescribed application forms will be available in the school office.
  2. No child will be admitted to first standard unless nursery course is completed.
  3. TC will be issued at the request of the guardians and on payment of all the dues from the pupils.
  4. Misbehavior, cruelty towards other children irregular attendance, disrespect to teachers habitual idleness,stealing etc are sufficient reason for dismissal of the pupil.
  5. A student who fails in several subjects throughout the year or is refused promotion twice must leave the school.
  6. Application for T.C. should be submitted to principal in writing with the prescribed form and in prescribed time
  7. If anybody wants T.C. after enrolling into a class he/she has to pay full amount of fees, and the price of current year text book & Note books.
  8. Candidates who seek admission in this school from Std I to X must register their names at the school office from January onward of the current academic year, preferably before 25th February. There will be a simple written test for the candidates. Preference will be given to students coming from schools which are affiliated with the C.B.S.E. on merit basis.